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So here it goes: my days (and concerts!) in Paris

So on the 10th of November me, Joana, Marisa, Diana, Sonia and Deia left Lisbon, it was the first time I met Diana and Sonia and I must say they’re some amazing girls! Our flight was delayed so we only landed in Paris at night, which sucked because we had some sightseeing planned for that afternoon.

So yeah, on the 11th me, Marisa, Deia and Joana went to the Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Champs Elyzees and some palaces and then we went to the venue, we didnt try to be on the first row because the show wasnt in our country and we didnt want to waste the day on the line, so yeah we stayed in the back during the show. The band who oppened their concert SUCKED so bad lol seriously! But moving on, their show was amazing, Jared sang “The Story” which is my favorite song ever and of course I died inside! Me and my friends were jumping with our portuguese flag during the whole concert ahah when Jared said “Who wants to come on stage?” he picked some random persons and he pointed at us and made circle like he was calling all of us you know? And we run to the barrier and yelled at the security guy and the STUPID ASS man just said “no” and I was like “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?” I WAS FURIOUS!!!! I started crying and I couldnt even enjoy K+Q because I was sooooo sad.. But anyway, after the show Diana and Sonia went for the M&G and we waited for them outside and when they left Diana told me that she asked if Jared could write what I want for my tattoo and he did! I’m so happy, I’m so going to tattoo it on December or something. Then we met some guys from their crew, like Daniel, Corey, Evan and Jamie, such nice guys :)

On the 12th, all of us did some sightseeing, but Marisa wasnt feeling so well so we got back to the apartment so she could rest before the concert. So, all of us, amazing girls ahah, went to the venue, it was the White Shadow night almost everyone was wearing white! The concert started the guys were dressed in such a funny way ahah Jared looked like the pope or something ahah! Tomo was SOOOO crazy! He was always messing with the crowd! Jared singing Echelon and Was it a dream which made me very happy because I thought I would never hear those songs live :) When it came the part of going on stage for K+Q, Steven (manager) called me and my friends and we were SUPER excited but some STUPID ASS girls started to push us and tried to pass us, so the security guy didnt let us pass. SERIOUSLY I FREAKED OUT! It was the second time!!!!!!! Jesus, where was my luck? lol.. But overall the concert was A M A Z I N G such a perfect way for me to see them for the last time (on this tour!).

On the 13th we visit the rest of the city and we had so much fun! I miss my girls already, thank God we met Diana and Sonia, made some crazy ass friends for life! (Start planning our next trip girls, WITH GT’s!!! ahah)

And on the 14th we returned to Lisbon, with was an amazing trip with the most amazing friends, thank you girls for making my trip so fun and unforgettable! And thank you Mars for making my life 10000000000000 times better, I miss you already <3

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“Ngh… my nipples hurt. Can you massage them for me?”

… I thought you’d never ask.

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Louis Vuiton went white for Spring. Big carousel set. And once again- Kate Moss closed the show!!!

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Paris Fashion Week. 03/10/2011


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